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Our Combat Striking class although predominantly based around the Combat Thai Boxing Program we have been known to mix in some Jun Fan Kickboxing and Panantukan from time to time, because why not!

Muay Thai or the ‘art of eight limbs’ is the national sport of Thailand, and a popular training class at Combat!

In this class you will experience some heart rate raising, strength increasing, combative combinations – incorporating fists, shins, elbows and knees. Be prepared to have fun… and sweat!

The ‘go at your own pace’ structure of our classes means you make it as physically challenging as you want to – moderate for the beginner student, yet hard enough for even the most seasoned practitioner! If you put the effort in, you’ll soon appreciate this art’s amazing fat burning and body conditioning capabilities, without the drudgery of the treadmill or weights room!

What to Expect During Class

We utilise glove drills, focus mitt training and Thai pad workouts to explore the range of striking tools within the art – from long range kicks to short range elbows. You will learn the nuances of this martial art through analysis of granular techniques, to full impact workouts on the pads.

We’re not focused on generating fighters for the ring – so don’t be concerned that you might limp home with bruises and broken bones – but you should expect a full body workout that gets the blood pumping, with the capacity to apply techniques in a self-defence context!

Class Times

Wednesday: 7-8pm

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