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Whether you are after a fun way to get in shape and learn something new, or a practising martial artist looking for a different approach then the Combat Athletics Academy has something to offer.

Regardless of their origins, the practice of martial arts is still basically an athletic endeavour, in that it requires body movement. A martial artist is therefore an athlete, and just as there are different levels of athletes such as amateurs, semi-professional and professional, there are various types of martial artist. There are those who pursue martial arts professionally with the hopes of a career as a fighter or teacher, or both. There are those who practice it for recreation, or as a hobby. And there are some who wish to learn how to defend themselves should it ever be necessary. The acquisition of certain attributes such as skill, speed, co-ordination, power, etc, should be a primary consideration in the basic development of all martial artists. A central aspect of the Combat Athletics Academy lies in its emphasis on attribute development. And it is this that makes the techniques effective.

"Family - Respect - Loyalty - Honour - Attitude - Discipline"

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