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Kali & Panantukan

Kali (More Than Just a Martial Art)

Kali is primarily a weapons-based art that originated in the Philippines. The word itself—like Escrima and Arnis—is an umbrella term for all Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). A fast-paced and effective art, Kali is lot of fun. It even offers many restorative health benefits for both body and mind. Once you begin training, you’ll realize that Kali isn’t just a martial art—it’s a way of life! 

During class you will practice with a variety of weapons, including rattan sticks, blunted training swords and daggers, long staffs, scarves, improvised weapons and more. You will learn various blocks, counter-strikes, disarms and a do lot of footwork—Kali is known for its footwork. It’s also known for its sophisticated reflex and flow drills, which are taught in a logical progression, allowing you to complete hundreds of repetitions quickly until you can respond to specific attacks instinctively.

Panantukan (Like Western Boxing and Then Some)

Panantukan (or Filipino Boxing) Sometimes called “dirty boxing” by combat athletes, Panantukan students learn to strike any part of the body from a variety of angles, using unexpected and ingenious defensive moves along the way. It’s an art unlike any other and a great workout too!  

As a striking art, Panantukan has been strongly influenced by Western boxing. During class you will develop all the offensive and defensive skills of a good boxer along with greater punching power, athleticism and hand speed. Building on this foundation, you will learn to strike with elbows, forearms, headbutts, knees and low kicks, flowing from one shot to the next with devastating economy. Although we train safely, you will quickly recognize the self-defence applications of this art. 

You will also work off-balancing techniques, joint destructions, body manipulations and a lot of footwork—Kali is known for its footwork. Unlike most Western boxers, Panantukan students work in both leads, which not only creates more striking and off-balancing opportunities from different angles, it’s more practical— in self-defence situations you may not have a choice. And long term, it’s more beneficial physiologically.

Our Lineage 

Mark Tucker is an instructor under Guro Rick Faye who is a Senior Full Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto. Mark is also a PFS Cetified Executive Instructor / Full Instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak.

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